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General Clean
The first type of clean we offer is a General Service Clean for all first time customers.  This type of clean includes sweeping, mopping, vacuuming and disinfecting of all floors, disinfecting and washing all counters, wiping down all appliances, dusting all tables, pictures, china closets, shelves, all electronics, entertainment stands, end tables, all glass, lamps, book shelves, dressers, mirrors, fans, light fixtures, chandeliers, candles, books, nick knacks, DVD's, desks and computers.  We disinfect all door knobs, phones, light switches & keyboards.  In addition, we scrub and disinfect all sinks, toilets, bathtubs, showers, tiles, wipe down any shelves, toiletries and clean all floors. This includes every room in your entire home.  The General Clean lasts between 4 to 6 hrs long (depending on the size and condition of your home).  

Deep Clean

We also offer a Deep Clean Service for your kitchen or bathroom.  A partial deep clean is a cleaning that involves the scrubbing of certain areas of your bathroom or kitchen. A full deep clean is the scrubbing of your entire bathroom or kitchen. The deep clean is for any one who has not had the time to keep up on the cleaning of their bathroom and/or kitchen. Over a period of time soap scum and/or hair can build up in the bathtub, shower, sink and floors.   In the kitchen, grease can build up on the stove and dirt can build up on the floor over a period of time (please see before and after pictures for a better idea of what a full deep clean details).

Making beds, washing, drying and folding laundry, washing dishes, scrubbing inside refrigerator, scrubbing inside oven, wiping or scrubbing inside of cabinets, cleaning windows, window sills, washing curtains, cleaning blinds, organizing closets, organizing offices, organizing toys, basements, cleaning base boards and wood.

Cancellation Policy:  

All customers must give at least 48 hours notice when cancelling any cleaning services that are scheduled at your home.  If you do not give at least 48 hours notice you will be charged a $25 fee (emergency's will be taken in to consideration).  In addition, we will not reschedule another cleaning of your home until that bill is paid.

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Our Spring Clean Service includes but is not limited to the following: cleaning the inside and outside of all windows, cleaning the inside of windowsills, dusting and washing of all blinds, cleaning baseboards, woodwork, ceiling fans, light fixtures, dusting ceilings, corners, walls, pictures, mirrors, tables, entertainment stands, all electronics, all glass, lamps, book shelves, china closets, desks, sweeping, vacuuming and all other general dusting of your home.  

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